Psycho Carnivorous written by SMiles at

Psycho Carnivorous

Psycho Carnivorous

written by: SMiles



The cerebrum non active, ambling passed dormant
conjuring pleasant surroundings, a minds solitude
visioning unconscious thought, realms of realism
adventuring home spun movies of eclectic quality

deep depth dreams, the body clock switching to shallow
our timing spoon stirring brains coffee
kicking caffeine awareness jolts into reality
constructing Greek tragedies letting in light

the alarm clock humming, shaking the will
testing resolve, necessitating the release of dread
upwardly projecting, pillows from the head
as the body tingles from the rash of consciousness

returning journeys are loved, anticipated
the going to, despised, dreaded and loathed
mornings uninvited exposure to the uncontrollable
a mad mistress unshakable in her quest

biting down through flesh, causing internal pain
the severity manufacturing a near nauseas state
unaware of fishermen on torrid seas, stomaching turbulence
churned like butter, turning summers salt to backward flips

reducing a mirrors stare to prolonged loathsome glare
showering facial shavings before the business of business
dried, dressed and day dreaming the longings
for the bathroom ballroom Friday fandango

first, five Everest ascents, stone stepping miles apart
precipice to oblivion, arduous toil burdening down
carrying fuel provider, a coalman’s sack brim filled
bending the back, a willow yielding to the wind

descending stairs, each step tightening the hangman’s noose
choking on a champions breakfast, champion of misery
doled to millions of ants, following the suited and booted
pittance paid while commerce spins plates

tip toeing into sunshine, alighting sanctuaries door
surface washing the weekly spin cycle, acting as fulcrum
centre to cognition, incapable of clear passage
no reverse nor left or right turn, only a cul de sac

ravenously devouring psychotic thoughts
spooning up scrambled bile, stomach juiced, over brimming the flow
ulcerating as it eats the bowel, castrating chemically
tomorrow’s the other day, but far too much the same.

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