Final Breath, poetry by Dawn Minott at
Muhammadtaha Ibrahim ma Aji

Final Breath

Final Breath

written by: Dawn Minott



Forgive, even when your heart’s been broken
Think before each word is spoken
Regard not the ugly people say
End not your day in trifling dismay
Be the first to say: “I’m sorry”
You won’t live your days in worry
Don’t forget to say: “I love you”
And prove always this is true

Then when kiss of death falls on your lips
And all of life before you slips
When you glance back on the last moments of time
Over the valleys you walked and the mountains you climbed
Your heart will find rest, forever satisfied
Embracing the moment past with present and future collide
Then when life’s final breath you doth exhale
Your soul shall peacefully go to the forever-after vale

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