Trial by Fire at

Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire

written by Karj



For what is trust(?)if we forgot to breathe;

Do what we have to do and speak loudly
The feelings buried beneath the soils
Of our unwashed pains that clogged up
Our way of thinking.

The moment love hit us; it was, a car wreck
On the background, the gas slowly leaked.Then fire
Erupted the second we gained back
Our consciousness.

Too late to act or react to the fire
That consumed the layers of our untouched skin
– with the moisture lost and;
Hope` turns into ashes.

Our eyes witnessed a different kind of spectacle
Only dying ones could see – A beauty;
Too unbearable to actualize by our stained desires
Of life we do not own from the beginning.

Stolen is the ring of our immortal conquest
But; to begin with – we are the thieves of our fate
Yet fate robbed us back {of purpose and of sight}
Now, we are endlessly searching.



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