New Chapter, New Year 2024, poem by Dawn Minott at

New Chapter, New Year 2024

New Chapter, New Year 2024

written by: Dawn Minott



In the quiet unveiling of one year’s end
A new one emerges, a cosmic unveiling
Darkness surrenders to the dawn’s soft glow
The dawning of a year, another chance to step into the uncharted

Pages turn, not with the creak of binding
But with the silent rustle of unseen potential
Each day, a leaf in the unfolding narrative of possibilities
365 chapters yet unwritten in the book of life

No rhyme to dictate the rhythm of this journey
No predetermined cadence to constrain my steps
With each sunrise, a new chance to redefine
To shape my story unscripted, line upon line

Time, a steady heartbeat, echoes opportunity
In the quiet hum of moments purpose beckons
A call to craft meaning in the tapestry of existence
365 chances to breathe life into dreams

So, as the sun rises, 365 days stretch like an unwritten book
I’ll bravely embrace the new chapters
For in every sunrise, a promise is whispered—
365 days, 365 opportunities to live with purpose

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