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Dear Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth

written by: Dawn Minott



Dear Mother Earth, where do you
hurt? Your seas, your
hills, your forests — are they
tender to the touch?
With 8 billion humans treading upon your surface do
you tremble at your core? Is it a
pain within, is it a pain without? Or is it both?

Mother Earth, we breathe of your air
freely, yet live recklessly in your bounty
We take and keep on taking while replacing you with so very little
Still, from verdant valleys to mountains
high your landscapes paint a breathtaking sky
Through changing seasons, your cycles
dance a consistent renewal waltz

From scars run deep
within your glaciers melting, your tears
turning to streams that swell
Oceans covering places where islands once were
Now they are no more

Mother Earth, is this pain too deep
flickering flames now metastasizing fires’
rage, fiery tongues lashing
Devouring all that could not withstand
Turning forests to ash
smoke cascading dimming the
Skies, obscuring sun’s light
from Canada to the USA across
borders, a wake of destruction unfurling
Embers dancing, fueled by winds’ cruel breath
Smoke billowing forth, a somber cloak in the air

Through hazy skies, we get a glimpse of your wounded land
A scar etched upon your surface, an anguish etched across your sky

Mother Earth,
My heart burns with you, consuming with your fire
My tears flow with you, cascading with your storms
My body pains with you, thumping with your quakes
How many more wake-up calls
To cherish your wonders, protect them for all

In understanding
Honor Mother Earth’s splendor
Time is running out

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