Regrets, a poem by Jamie B at
Ralph Nas



written by: Jamie B


In the still of night,
Regret creeps in
Memories haunt,
mistakes replay,
A burden carried through each passing day.

What could have been,
if only I had known,
The seeds of regret that I have sown.
Opportunities missed,
chances slipped away,
Now I live with the price I must pay.

The road not taken,
the words unspoken,
The heartache caused,
the promises broken.
If only time could be rewound,
Perhaps a different path I’d have found.

The past is set in stone,
a relentless companion I can’t disown.
I bear its weight,
a heavy chain,
A constant reminder of my lingering pain.

Yet in the depths of regret’s dark hold,
I find lessons learned,
stories untold.
For in its shadow, I seek to find,
A glimmer of hope, a peace of mind.

I’ll embrace my past,
mistakes and all,
For they’ve sculpted me,
made me stand tall.
Though regret may linger,
a ghost from the past,
I’ll strive to live with it,
until the very last.

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