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My Place

My Place

written by: Aaron McMillan



The path is clear for me to walk through,
Only a few more steps and I’ll be home,
Why did I ever move here with all the dead?
I know the answer is that my life is full of dread.

Every time I stop and pause, will I ever get over this?
I’ve made the decision to be here, so I must walk on,
The direction I’ve taken has brought me to this place,
Living here, hiding from you makes my life a disgrace.

Being here with all of them makes me feel so alive,
When I finally get to my house, it is another day that I have survived,
They surround me, so close up against my walls,
Their everlasting old headstone standing so tall.

Will I end up like my friends around me?
I hope that I won’t end up untendered and forgotten,
My little home is everything that I have,
Maybe this is all I ever deserved.

No family or friends come walk my path,
Side by side the others are in the ground,
I am clearly on my own for the rest of time,
I always thought our futures were bound.

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