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My Place

My Place

written by: Aaron McMillan



The path is clear for me to walk through,
Only a few more steps and I’ll be home,
Why did I ever move here with all the dead?
I know the answer is that my life is full of dread.

Every time I stop and pause, will I ever get over this?
I’ve made the decision to be here, so I must walk on,
The direction I’ve taken has brought me to this place,
Living here, hiding from you makes my life a disgrace.

Being here with all of them makes me feel so alive,
When I finally get to my house, it is another day that I have survived,
They surround me, so close up against my walls,
Their everlasting old headstone standing so tall.

Will I end up like my friends around me?
I hope that I won’t end up untendered and forgotten,
My little home is everything that I have,
Maybe this is all I ever deserved.

No family or friends come walk my path,
Side by side the others are in the ground,
I am clearly on my own for the rest of time,
I always thought our futures were bound.

Aaron McMillan

Aaron McMillan

Aaron McMillan was born in Darwen, Lancashire in 1983. He recently moved to Inverness, Scotland. It is in the Highlands that he began to rekindle his love of writing, visiting, various beautiful and inspiring locations. Aaron believes that everything is poetry; that everything deserves to be written about.

Aaron has been published in several poetry books; Men of Words 2015, The Poetry Anthology 2016, Ripples in Verse and The Wider View. He has also has a book published titled ''In the Highlands''.
Aaron McMillan

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