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Ghost Lion

Ghost Lion

written by: Jamie B


In sands of solitude, a spectral sight,
A ghostly lion wanders through the night.
Through barren dunes, his steps leave no trace,
A solitary presence in this vast, desolate space.

A regal phantom, his mane billows free,
No mortal eye can truly perceive.
His eyes, once fierce, now hold a mournful gaze,
Lost in realms where time’s grasp decays.

He roams the desert, a kingdom forsaken,
Memories of life, a distant token.
No roar escapes his mighty chest,
Silent whispers carried by the desert’s crest.

No rhyme or rhythm can capture his plight,
For in this realm, he dwells beyond light.
A haunting echo of ancient majesty,
A poignant symbol of forgotten legacy.

He yearns for companionship long gone,
A spectral presence, forever withdrawn.
Through shifting sands, he seeks in vain,
A ghostly lion, forever in pain.

In the vast expanse, he roams alone,
The ghost of a lion, forever unknown.
His mournful presence lingers in the air,
A haunting reminder of a life once fair.

Though ghosts are unseen by mortal sight,
Other creatures sense his presence, day and night.
The desert’s denizens, with eyes keen and bright,
Still witness his shadow, his essence of might.

The jackal halts, its howl silenced by awe,
As if touched by a memory from times long gone.
The eagle soars high, catching a glimpse,
Of the ghostly lion, majestic and intense.

The snakes slither low, sensing his grace,
Their scales tingling, feeling his ancient embrace.
The desert winds whisper secrets untold,
Carrying his essence, a tale so old.

In the moonlit nights, when the air is still,
The gazelle pauses, feeling a shiver, a thrill.
A tribute to the lion, a king of the land,
A phantom presence, both gentle and grand.

Though he may wander, forever alone,
His spirit endures, an enigma to be known.
In the hearts of creatures, his legend resides,
As they witness his shadow against desert tides.

So let it be known, in the desert’s vast domain,
The ghost of the lion, his legacy shall remain.
For though his form may fade into the sand,
His spirit lives on, an eternal command.

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