The Battle Of Colorado Springs by Hank Moody at

The Battle Of Colorado Springs

The Battle Of Colorado Springs

written by: Hank Moody



The wind was blowing cold,
In a snow-covered Colorado town.
The glistening beauty of the snow on the ground.
The bawl of the soldiers
making there way
attempting to keep their enemies at bay.

The sirens were blaring, piercing and
Deafening ears
The birds were all scattering
To find a new town
A point where they could rest their wings
So much bloodshed, loss, and tears.

The flares they were flaring,
As the town was torn apart
Soldiers footsteps pattering,
Shrieks straight from the hearts,
Residents in houses,
Buildings and parks
Gunfire making too much noise,
For little girls,
And little boys.

The gunshots sounding
The Sergeant’s screaming
The buildings in the town
Crumbling around
Concorde’s in the sky above Colorado Springs
Nothing but the sound of World War Three.

When all was done
And the battle had been won
They took refuge in the local Pub
Drinking and drowning sorrows
From the battle they portrayed
Pushing memories of lost men away.
They cheered with no fear.
“The Battle’s been won!”
But my friends,
The War has just begun.

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