Kitty Amour, a poem written by Verona Jones at

Kitty Amour

Kitty Amour

written by: Verona Jones



It’s a glorious spring day as
Helios smiles upon the earth.
The windows are open wide
to welcome his returning warmth.

Lord Salem, his coat sleek black
sits upon his regal throne.
Admiring his mighty kingdom
when his lady fair comes a wooing.

Oh aye, she is a rare feline beauty
with a rich ebony and tawny coat.
Soft and silky as gooses down
with eyes of gold like the sun.

Lord Salem takes quick notice
and happily, they talk and kiss.
Playfully patting furry paws
upon the screen between them.

For Lord Salem will not go out
nor the Lady fair come in.
So, through a thin piece of wire
the two, pay court to their amour.

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