Wife, mother, former U.S. Army sergeant, and dental hygienist, Laura can now add published author to the list. She continues to work as a dental hygienist, which she’s done for over 19 years, hoping to transition out of that within a handful of years and make writing a full-time endeavor. Her publishing dreams came true (at the age of 50!) in 2017. Since then, she’d had the fortune to work with multiple publishers and connect with fantastic people. A voracious reader herself, she strives to write stories she can be proud of and enjoyed by many; ones that are not only sexy and fun, but thoughtful as well. When younger, her love of writing started with poetry after encouragement from her 4th grade teacher. She continues to write poetry, prose, and short stories, enjoying the challenges of various styles. She’s honored to have been recognized as Author of the Month with Spillwords.

The Wedding

The Wedding

written by: Troy DeFrates


What type of wedding had you hoped?
I eloped

Where did you take your vows exiled?
Into the wild

What made you avoid all the fuss?

Without constraints we sought freeness
Wedding plans were overwhelming
Love over pretense outstripping
I eloped into the wild blissfulness

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