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Jackson Hayes



written by: JJ Moonchild


This body formed like an ill-fitting,
Corsets around borrowed lungs.
I find it so hard to just fucken breathe.
Through this apocalypse rage’ ing,
In my blood-shot brainstem.

The copy and paste love we share,
Keeping score of unkept scars.
I always wanted to die, till the loss of you,
Now I wish it was not mandatory dying.

Since you left, I have been dream-deprived,
living in a frequency of loneliness.
In the libraries of silence between us,
I find comfort in knowing.

That we will forever be sticky note authors of our destiny,
That it is going to hurt forever, but the bleeding will stop.
That on some days it will feel like I should have done something,
But other days will show me that it was not my fault.

And I will try to find comfort in knowing.

That you made me feel safer than I had in a while,
That you won’t see me sell that book we always spoke of,
That you are probably much fucken happier, wherever you are.
Then you could ever be down here next to me.
But mostly, I find comfort in knowing, just the simple knowing you still exist.
Somewhere out there.



This piece of poetry is dedicated to a dear friend who lost his battle with depression and took his own life, you will be forever missed.

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