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written by: Ishita Sharma


Fell to know the art of balance,
Learnt the art of betrayal
Dealt with it to realize sophistication and mundaneness.
Cried many times
Just to find brave me,
I have been harsh and rough
To hide my weaknesses and sophistications,
Felt pain of shattering relations
Shrunken my emotions to scratch
Embraced artificiality,
Learnt that regaining shattered relations
Cannot alter the pain and trust.
Adopted a mask-
Static smile and expressive,
Became polite
To sustain and evolve;
To join the creed of ships.
There are many more
To come and let go
Moving in the herd, in the rain, in the dark.

Ishita Sharma

Ishita Sharma

I am Ishita Sharma. I have completed my post graduation from Department of Humanity, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. Right now I am working as teaching assistant at Human Resource Development Department, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.
Ishita Sharma

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