Queer Little Thingy written by Hurain Ghafoor at Spillwords.com

Queer Little Thingy

Queer Little Thingy

written by: Hurain Ghafoor


Once upon a time,

A foolish little girl wished for a queer little thingy

She turned up her nose against all the fancies and the nannies

Because determination flared like an unflinching gaze in her eyes

And so, in the middle of the night, she tinkered on her clever scheme with a tongue tipped ever so slightly to the corner

On the night of December the third

She stole into a big fat ship with her big fat ego

To haul a big fat anchor into a big fat sky

“it gripped a poor innocent star,” whispered campers as fire glinted in their wild eyes

“and the little predator climbed for her little prey”

This “stubborn ass” persisted hour after hour as she climbed with her bruised hand and heart

But alas! how could anyone see it coming?

When the first ray of sunlight hit the earth

the queer little thingy turned out to be a snake as it shed its skin into the sky

and she plunged into the ocean with a flailing hand and heart

So heavy hung the ferocity of betrayal and remorse

that when she fell


she ripped a hole into the ocean

and lost herself in its hurricane.

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