LET ME GO written by Madhumita at Spillwords.com



written by: Madhumita



Our eyes met,
On a day beautiful and wet,
A moment that love painted,
When blew a breeze scented,
The hearts melted
In that second unprecedented;
We dreamt together
of a future forever,
Soon I realised
that your dreams were oversized,
Your eyes looked beyond the future,
Live in the present was my nature;
Wanting to walk with you
I had to always pursue
your footsteps,
Was always in stress
Coz I wanted to walk beside,
To always be alongside,
But you took big strides
Me you always did elide;
Keeping pace with you was tough,
Gradually widened the gulf
between us two,
The fondness for each other was true,
I huffed
And I puffed,
Trying to catch up with you,
To match up to you,
Love grew
But temperaments withdrew,
I wanted to kiss,
But it would always be a miss,
I wanted to hug and embrace,
But you would be away in your space;
It hurts and pains,
Still I will never complain
because your love made me flower,
All your affections you did shower
But I still await that hour
When intimately we would be outré;
I really love you,
Trust me I really do,
Before love dies let us eschew
and bid adieu,
Let us always be in love,
Let our love outlive
us; I will forever
and ever
Love you
Will miss you;
But let me go,
Just let me go.

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