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written by: Madhumita



Our eyes met,
On a day beautiful and wet,
A moment that love painted,
When blew a breeze scented,
The hearts melted
In that second unprecedented;
We dreamt together
of a future forever,
Soon I realised
that your dreams were oversized,
Your eyes looked beyond the future,
Live in the present was my nature;
Wanting to walk with you
I had to always pursue
your footsteps,
Was always in stress
Coz I wanted to walk beside,
To always be alongside,
But you took big strides
Me you always did elide;
Keeping pace with you was tough,
Gradually widened the gulf
between us two,
The fondness for each other was true,
I huffed
And I puffed,
Trying to catch up with you,
To match up to you,
Love grew
But temperaments withdrew,
I wanted to kiss,
But it would always be a miss,
I wanted to hug and embrace,
But you would be away in your space;
It hurts and pains,
Still I will never complain
because your love made me flower,
All your affections you did shower
But I still await that hour
When intimately we would be outré;
I really love you,
Trust me I really do,
Before love dies let us eschew
and bid adieu,
Let us always be in love,
Let our love outlive
us; I will forever
and ever
Love you
Will miss you;
But let me go,
Just let me go.



Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar, is a bilingual writer (writing both in Hindi and English). A poetess, blogger, lifeskills counsellor, healer. She is also a social commentator and works with women and children. Her works also have been published in various national and international magazines, newspapers, web magazines, ezines, journals, anthologies. The author of "THE NIGHT JASMINE AND OTHER LOVE POEMS", is also the winner of ICON OF THE YEAR-LIFESKILLS COUNSELLOR 2015-2016, CREATIVE WRITER OF THE YEAR 2016 and has won the Indian Women Achievers Award 2016 for Creative Writing.

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