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Let's Pretend

written by: Richard Prime


Let's pretend we're in love again,
Make believe we feel as one,
They'll see us kissing in the rain,
Our holding hands will entertain
Those who simply can't explain
Why we parted.

Let's pretend our love is true,
Let's sigh when speaking on the phone,
I love you, do you love me, too?
I do! A stolen billet doux;
Let's pretend we're not alone
And broken hearted.

Let's imagine, if we tried
To be together soon,
Maybe then our tears and pain
Will be replaced by love again,
I'd like that, wouldn't you?
Let's pretend.

Richard Prime

Richard Prime

I have been a writer for some years, independently publish poetry and short stories including the genres: children's fiction, action, romance, paranormal, history and fantasy. Following discharge from the RAF, I trained as a computer programmer and spent the rest of my career in computer software development and engineering, until retiring due to ill-health.
Richard Prime

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