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Life Evolution

Life Evolution

written by: Maureen S. Rajamoney


The academic year began
Back to routine
But time changed the plan
Though it was foreseen

I drove for duty
As a driver parent
Enjoying school beauty
For reasons apparent

Twelve beautiful years
In the early morn hours
It brought smiley cheers
That evolved powers

Time went by fast
And now I realised
Dutiful routine is lost
It is never biased

Now I travel alone
For there was no need
Same routine changed tone
Journey has to recede

Today I come home
Hoping for a greeting
Only to go on a roam
To see no one seating

I realise now that
No more commotion
Something to combat
This is life evolution

Out from their nest
They must fly out
For sure I am blest
There is no doubt

As life goes on
One must perceive
That it will dawn
What we have achieved.

Maureen S. Rajamoney

Maureen S. Rajamoney

Currently she is teaching English in Chan Wa National Type Secondary School in Seremban which is located in Malaysia and her interest lies in imparting knowledge of the English Language particularly in the writing skills. She loves music too.
Maureen S. Rajamoney

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