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Life Evolution

Life Evolution

written by: Maureen S. Rajamoney


The academic year began
Back to routine
But time changed the plan
Though it was foreseen

I drove for duty
As a driver parent
Enjoying school beauty
For reasons apparent

Twelve beautiful years
In the early morn hours
It brought smiley cheers
That evolved powers

Time went by fast
And now I realised
Dutiful routine is lost
It is never biased

Now I travel alone
For there was no need
Same routine changed tone
Journey has to recede

Today I come home
Hoping for a greeting
Only to go on a roam
To see no one seating

I realise now that
No more commotion
Something to combat
This is life evolution

Out from their nest
They must fly out
For sure I am blest
There is no doubt

As life goes on
One must perceive
That it will dawn
What we have achieved.

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