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Why Do I Care...

written by: Nishand Venugopal



When the forests are on fire, why do I care?
No connectivity in my phone is what gives me scare,
Melting of polar ice caps, why do I care?
I am worried about the impact of the electric bill on my monthly budget share,
Why do I care if wild animals are losing their home?
What if development of a prolific species need 'sacrifices', which is a regular social norm,
Why do I care if the resources to survive are burning out?
My race is on to acquire more than what required as there are a lot who tout,
Why do I care about the damage to the environment which is happening without any reason?
I am more afraid of the spoilers in 'the net' about the end of my favourite series or season,
Why do I care if plastic is smothering the marine life in the ocean?
I must drink the water packed in plastic which is claimed to be free from pollution,
'How can not using one bottle or a single use plastic be a solution?'
Lack of cheap, viable, sustainable option leads to more confusion,
Why do I care if other species suffer & some are silently thrown into the black hole of extinction?
'Oil fuels money, and money rules this world'; like the rats enchanted by the Pied Piper, I am glued to this well marketed notion,
Why do I worry if there is no clean air to breathe?
'Let the crackers of celebration & the fumes of combustion fire up the sky without any dearth',
There is a lot to add in the list of why do I care,
It is up to us to think and dare,
By taking time away from the screen & looking ahead to a safe future,
Claim that we do care of what's happening around us in nature,
The Earth can't afford more cold-hearted apathy,
To sustain our species, we need the healing touch of empathy...

Nishand Venugopal

Nishand Venugopal

Worked previously with CNN - NEWS18 as a Producer. Currently working on a website which combines pictures, literature and works related to conservation and animal kingdom.
Amateur Nature Photographer...Happy to click moments that matter and loves to share and educate about it. Trying to do some bit in conserving nature. Volunteering for WWF and an occasional traveller...
Nishand Venugopal

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