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Life is a Hill Trek…

Life is a Hill Trek…

written by: Neha Jain


Life…Life is a hill trek with steep slopes and deep lows,
with gracious falls flowing through hard rocks,
with the paths where we get lost,
and the roads where we find ourselves…

Life is a hill trek with uphill taking us to our destination,
and way back leading us home.
With truth that you’re strong and powerful in yourself,
and a hope that an accompaniment would light your path…

Life is a hill trek with never-ending paths and changing weather that leaves the body tired,
With divinity and panoramic views, which have the soul stirred,
With unheard music causing a happy solitude
and unknown people who uplift your mood…

Life is a hill trek with the rain that asks you to give up,
and the sunshine that pushes you to be stronger,
with a mind that questions- ‘Can I do this?’
and the heart that answers- ‘I’ll keep going!’…

Life is a hill trek with milestones motivating us to continue the journey,
and obstacles which mark a pause to it.
With a realization that the journey is more important than the destination,
and an assurance that the destination would be worth that journey…

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