Lifeless Soul Wives written by Jecht Fair at

Lifeless Soul Wives

Lifeless Soul Wives

written by: Jecht Fair



When we toss and turn at night,
they beckon from the window pane with plight,
red and blue lip stick kisses,
Valkyries soulless eyes cause feverish fright.

Run down the dark hall of low hanging light,
every heart beat tasking – hastily remaining forcefully slight.

Fallen – to you – to her – to the fight,
i can’t do anything right…

Kindness from your soft touch,
i do not deserve a willing heart to quiver – ever so much,
but these are the moments we crave as such,
fleeting and tantalising to the warmth of your lifelines crutch.

We want you in the daybreak,
tormented by your mind ache,
knowing not what you do or how you take,
from your love ones innate mistake.

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