Always My Hero, written by Sharil Miller at

Always My Hero

Always My Hero

written by: Sharil Miller


I was your hero… it’s what you always said
But truth be told you were always my hero instead

As much as you were torn between this world and the next I wanted you to know
I was just as torn for wanting you to stay but it was ok for you to go

While you were standing with one foot in each world deciding to choose
I was standing right there by your side in the middle of a memory with you

Within a fleeting moment the wings of your soul took you to a place for you to be free
In my heart I know you’re still here by my side, but you seem so very far away from me

You were there for my first breath, and I was there for your last
Although we had many years together, the time moved way too fast

With tears flowing freely and my love pouring deeply beside your lifeless body I knelt
My hero was gone right before my eyes… lost and alone to the very depth of my core I felt

When your soul took flight that heartbreaking night, with it flew my sense of identity
To find myself I’ll do my best to honor your life and to become the hero you believed me to be

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