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written by: Geovanni Villafañe



Limits don’t make me concede

Facing persecution is another reason for me to spit what I believe

It’s like crazy when u see I speak of individuality

cuz it’s not for me to be last at anything

So watch the growing casualties

Sinister cruelty’s got you drifting in an odyssey

Blown stability, thinking criminally

Intentionally or otherwise, I’m already guilty


But limits won’t bring me to my knees

As long as I can fight intellectually

I fear no man, or no demand made of me

Come to diagnose, there’s no future ahead of me

With virtues lost in the doubts of ability

I’ll proceed to master the mentality,

To diminish the stronghold on society

Maybe setting fires to roof top tragedies,

will relieve the layers of monotony


And limits won’t intimidate me

Labels distracting my creative capabilities

Executing any adversary who’d eclipse my credibility

With a ruthless style that coerces an awakening

And the ending has a way of revolving

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