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written by: Kalpna Singh-Chitnis



Lost in the forest unseen,
I see no paved roads,
but trails alone. All leading
to a destination unknown.

No traffic rules. No laws to break.
No policemen, juries, or judges.
No chains and prisons.
No sentencing of death.

In boundless freedom
I roam without purpose.
I can go wherever I want,
Whichever way I choose.

In this sanctum of realization
There are no more desires and despairs.
No regrets! No waiting, no separation.
No destination, no expectations.

I drink from untamed rivers
And eat from the mouth of the cosmos.
I write verses on the slate of my soul
And sleep on rocks and dunes along the way.

Stars glisten on my eyelids when I dream.
Moonlight frosts on my lips like your name.
Intoxicated winds rustle in my tresses
And hum the songs of sanity.

My heart blooms like a lotus,
And you, like a diamond within it.
I’m glad, I’m lost. I would never like
To be discovered again, and taken…

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