Love And Us by Soulla Christodoulou at

Love And Us

Love and Us

written by: Soulla Christodoulou



Careless carefree love
Rose tinted giggles, memories
Discarded clothes
Tangled lace panties,
shocking pink bra

Your passion takes me
A surprise hot flame
Which wanton
Lays me bare
Flowing and perfum’d

Bed covers strewn
Pillows crumpled
Jealous love ravaging
Winking at me with burning intensity
Holding me hard, breathless

First disbelief
Heaven on earth is this
My balance evaporates
As I lay vulnerable, open
Your wild hunger grabs all of me

Your conviction wanting
Love, master over my secret
Trustless longing over and over
As gazing forth, our bodies on fire
You’re inside melting me.

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