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Daniel Torobekov

Love Was Not Present

Love Was Not Present

written by: Mustapha Malik Adedayo


Though I want a Starlight that will keep shining brighter in my heart,
but I do not know the light of the star you shined on my heart,
brightly dark and cold I must say
Love was not present

Everyone wished to be a professional in a field,
but all I ever wanted to become was your man
to love you just the way you feel your heart,
still, Love was not Present.

I saw people laughing like musketeers,
I thought our love would make them jealous
to praise how lucky I am
but I got luckily unlucky
because Love was actually not present.

Here I am like a lost needle in the middle of the sea (Life)
hoping a fisherman can get me out of this,
love was initially made,
yet, It was not present.

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