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Love's Moment

written by: James Bouthiller


Love's awaited moment, is a sudden shooting Star
Sparking desirous want, deep to passionate soul
As a plenteous waterfall, drenching parched lands
Flooding, quenching, ferocious thirsts, fully satisfied
Enticing yearning hearts, to cleave, and meld as one
Bursting forth romantic inclination, like flowers that transform
Love's season, an episodic unabashed display
Though the dark of night may fall, giving rise to moon and stars
Their celestial spectacle, a shelter, to soul and flesh entwined
Till dawn commands new light, pon hearts forever changed

James Bouthiller/Soul Scribblings

James Bouthiller/Soul Scribblings

I began writing seven years ago, after a school friend shared the experience of her mother's passing, and apparent, subsequent visit in the form of a familiar, now symbolistic bird in the backyard which they once looked upon together...
I am an occasional potter since 1993, an ex bricklayer of 20 plus years, drawn to material of Earth, soul and sky...
In recognition of our many layered worlds and varied occupants within, I am compelled and challenged, to not only survive, but observe deeply, question and express our shared common and uncommon journeys.
James Bouthiller/Soul Scribblings

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