We have our own vows by Christina Strigas at Spillwords.com

We Have Our Own Vows

We have our own vows

written by: Christina Strigas



when I was reckless, you drove my car.

when I was doubtful, you read my book.

when I was needy, your arms felt safe.

when I was mournful, you wiped my tears.

when I ran, you caught up to me.

when I drank, you held back my hair.

when I lost the baby, you cried with me.

when I gave birth, you were my rock.

when I slept on the couch, you slept there with me.

when I met you at sixteen, 

we met again every year after that.

when we fight, me make up.

when we make up, we remember

why we have 

the same ring.

when you fuck me,

we still make love.

when you meet a soul mate

you never break up. 

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