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written by: Adam Nelson



Ever since she was a little girl Amelia had wanted to be a marshmallow. She didn’t know why she wanted to be a marshmallow, but it didn’t stop her wanting it all the same. It may have been that she wanted to swallow her little sister up in fluff and eat her. Like people do with marshmallows.
It could also be because marshmallows are sweet, like her. And we can’t forget, of course, that everyone loves marshmallows! And maybe that’s why Amelia wanted to be a marshmallow because like the rest of us she only ever wanted to be loved.
You see, Amelia did love marshmallows so. That soft fluff that comes in a rainbow of colours, the sugar that takes the tongue to new and exciting heights. By gosh doesn’t everyone love that tough, chewy sensation. That ooze, as the marshmallow gets pulled apart by your teeth. The little pieces of sugary string clinging on. Desperate to save their near departed friend.
Amelia didn’t know a single person who doesn’t love a marshmallow, so maybe, just maybe, that’s why she wanted to be one. To be loved by those around her as much as she did love marshmallows.
Amelia ate marshmallows every day. They took her away from all her troubles. They let her drift away from all her pain. Like the nasty kids at school, who would say mean things and pick on her. The meaner ones who poured their food and drinks on her; as well as those who stood and laughed at her. They even took her away from the meanest kids of them all, the ones who punched, kicked and spat at her.
Maybe that’s why Amelia wanted to be a marshmallow. Because when you’re soft and gooey, things like that bounce off of you.

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