Love's Reason, poetry by Don Knowles at
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Love’s Reason

Love’s Reason

written by: Don Knowles



Love gives us a reason to fill all emptinesses
Assisting all plurals of life to feel contentedness
A temporal experience lived by all
not just by one
Love leads us Through blank hallways and unexpected corridors turns
Love is a collective search to avoid scarring burns
Love gives us a map
Turn around and follow it back
Love Sees through the voids and age-old shellacs
Love patches the jagged space between all inevitable cracks
Love Stitches the heart up after a massive attack
Love Blends sorrowful tears with laughter bold cheers
Love shakes down the rafters when entering a room
Love’s affection Surrounds us in comfort away from the din of the fray
It builds up the structural supports against decay

Love is fine sandpaper of life
Its gritty exterior shapes all in its time
Love Polishes rough spots and marks in repair
Love Buffs away scuffs in one swipe without care
Time roughs us up that is assured
Love brings out the hidden allure
Love is the reason we are all here
Love is in season for each month of the year
Love is why we are here
Love is the reason
Do not fear.

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