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Lunchtime In Holland Park

Lunchtime In Holland Park

written by: Rick Dove



simmering bubble
babble in the chatter
awash in brash

comes flash of flame red
baked cleavage
sloped shaven headed sun worshipper
in orange robes
scent of damp grass drying
smoker dying as crisp as sulphur
match stricken
on gentle breeze
sly looks
in concrete crucible
which trials
by fire and sultry dreaming

shimmering in this fizzle
trendy books melt
a glow
a kindling for passion
before first flirting sun
comes whispering wind
slipping through
bank of bobbing bodies
on verdant edges
sky whistler carrying a pied tune
on inviting lips
blushed red
i slip

i often come here to fish
at the river of souls
cast this line
and wait
for you
to break
come bravura hung
and husky
as a moist past
as raining veil of crisp remarks
trepanning for gold
in this brook
where now
my soused backside
settles for a rest
awaiting the rest
of me

a lonely butterfly
skips through
at the mercy of rising breath
simmering in Spring falsetto
the busy city
does not know
how to shut out
even in the crowded space
it undulates
never never sound
creeping up from tarmac Styx
all around
this grassy knoll
this piece of ait
this sceptic isle
where i sit and wait

where i fish for you
wait here for you
to swim past
on a stream
of borrowed consciousness
my private piece of peace
endless daydreams
my Eurydice

Rick Dove

Rick Dove

Rick Dove is a London born writer of Ghanaian and mixed Bajan heritage, who began writing poetry during his early secondary schooling.
Writing playful, pithy, inventive and often deeply personal verse, Rick has been influenced as much by Basho as Bukowski writing in all forms and absences of, in order to create something new.
Rick's first solo collection "Haigha's Noosphere Canticles" is published by WCH Publishing.
Rick Dove

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