Lure of The Kelpies, poetry by LCF-M at
Fredrika Carlsson

Lure of The Kelpies

Lure of The Kelpies

written by: LCF-M


Sturgeon moon is braw,
bright and enlightens;
illuminating the banks of
Loch Lomond.

And there she stands;
her silver mane slinking,
silver threads skim
an exposed neck.

Curves, exposed skin; enticing,
drawing in the wanting.
Stroking the stud,
engulfed with passion.
Come ride?

Hooves and feet kissed
by the devout water.
Submitting to desire,
they enter, shape shifting.
Come ride with us?

Stretching out,
hunger encasing both.
Staring into soulless eyes,
into the abyss.
Greedily they indulge,
drunk from the lure.

Come ride?
In the inky pool,
a baptism of new.
Devour your passions,
wants, salaciousness.
Your life, for ours.

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