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Man, The God Of Lies

written by: RebelpJones



Oh the magnitude of it all
is in greater detail
then your blind mind's eye
could ever perceive
Listen to me
In this pale of water, I do see
More than reflections of me
I see
big bombs
bursting in air
No longer in countries
proud song
But now cries of despair
God did not bless us,
God did not care,

Fore Men gave up
in such beliefs
When they made themselves
the Gods they once feared
Justified or mostly lied
About a
nonexistent birthright,
Worth more than
your weight
if you're birthed white,
Classified as birthed right.
So much hate and ill will to other humans lives,
mere humans
with egotistical beliefs,
that it's alright
to take
natural value away
from human life.



Although a writer, I'm a man of few spoken words.

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