Mary Oliver Invaded My Dreams, a poem by Marie C Lecrivain at
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Mary Oliver Invaded My Dreams

Mary Oliver Invaded My Dreams

written by: Marie C Lecrivain


I had a dream
I was on a beach
where a clutch
of baby sea turtles
emerged from their nest,
all in a hurry
as they climbed over
one another to escape
the shifting sand
and egg shell shards.

One of them stopped
by my feet, looked up
at me with big sleepy eyes,
and said, “A grave and a womb
are pretty much the same thing,”
then followed its siblings
into the sea. This revelation
filled with admiration
and envy, as turtles
are another kind
of being altogether.
With a life that can span
centuries, and in tune
with each wave,
they’re able to
descend to depths
I’ll never reach.

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