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written by: Gabrielle Tetreault


She dances in her pretty laced dress
Her hair like golden wheat in the summer sun.
Across the room she ran and plunged at him
Abandoning herself to his strong arms

High above his head he held her
Like and angel, she reached up
To catch her fantasy.
With complete faith in the love
She knew so well, that held her.

The joy, the freedom and elation
On her face reflected to me,
The longing in my heart
As the child in me, jealous of her
Yearned to be in her place.

Gabrielle Tetreault

Gabrielle Tetreault

Editors Choice Award presented to Gabrielle Tetreault October 2007 & 2006 for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry presented by poetry.com and the International Library of Poety Howard Ely (Managing Editor)
Nominated Poet of the year, International Society of Poets — in Anaheim, California.
Gabrielle Tetreault

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