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written by: Gabrielle Tetreault


Tread ever so lightly my beloved
The shoots are tender
Not strong enough to stand
The full light of the Son
There's plenty of time
Everything comes in its own sweet way
If you know how to nurture and balance
The fine line that exists between
What is enough and what needs
To come out of the ground
You would not eat from the fruit
Which still needs to ripen.
So watch carefully and be aware
Of the time when the nectar
Starts pouring out when at last
You can savor the full ripened fruit
In its full blossoming stage
When the sweetness of the smell
Brings to your nostrils
The anticipation of the full-bodied
Full flavored well nourished harvest
Just begging to be picked and at last
Serve the very purpose for which
You planted the seed to be savored
With all the other variety of fruits
Lavishly 'unveiled on the table
At the last supper

Gabrielle Tetreault

Gabrielle Tetreault

Editors Choice Award presented to Gabrielle Tetreault October 2007 & 2006 for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry presented by poetry.com and the International Library of Poety Howard Ely (Managing Editor)
Nominated Poet of the year, International Society of Poets — in Anaheim, California.
Gabrielle Tetreault

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