The Anger written by Gabrielle Tetreault at

The Anger

The Anger

written by: Gabrielle Tetreault


I have built a wall around my anger,
The killing rage because my sister,
Kept after school was thrashed,
For chewing gum, in class.

On my way home, I was engulfed,
Overtaken by anger, Shaking
When the energy hit my head,
I saw red!

Blinded by rage,
The beast in me,
Out of the cage,
For anyone to see.

I remember every word I spoke,
Sounded like a bullet,
Leaving my throat.
Destructive rage. OOOOOOOOOoooooooooo<<<<<<<<>>>>>.

I could have killed
Anyone standing… until.
In my heart, I vowed,
Never again…

So I built a wall to contain it all

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