Me, We and Be written by Dru Free at

Me, We and Be

Me, We and Be

written by: Dru Free



I am full of lies, but not living one.
Tired of dying, but never been alive one moment to the next.
I feed on sarcasm and am never returned full.
My needs are met in the emptiness of Being.
My body are not my thoughts.
My words are revelations to the chalk drawn body on the floor.
I am life obsessed, die sucker!
I am just a man pretending to be noticeable.
I am selfish, for I am right and will be forever better than you.
Your bars are not strong enough.
Your chains too feeble to hold back who I Am.
You don’t have me or get me, ever.
Your thoughts, ideas, and existence is nothing to me.
I am too busy being lost in myself.
A pearl among swine, a lion being barked at by dogs.
You need not be, and for now on don’t matter.
You’re cute at best, annoying on good days.
But I am love and beyond all this.

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