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Mental Blocks Legacy

Mental Blocks Legacy

written by: LeTara Moore



How many days passed

without evidence of accomplishment?

Without the benefit of hard work

Only time and energy spent?

How many days go by

when life feels like a lie?

When focus is unattainable

And there’s nothing to bring to the table

Days seem long, but time is short

Better do something worthy of report

One day the distractions will come to an end

And there’ll be no chance to finally begin.

LeTara Moore

LeTara Moore

Poet, Mother, Book-Lover, Friend. I write whatever comes to mind, usually in the form of poetry, but occasionally short stories with book reviews thrown in here and there. My poetry not only describes my life, but also the lives of others. My goal is to share what I feel and what I've been through. Hopefully someone will read these words and find themselves lifted up to a higher place spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
LeTara Moore

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