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written by: CJ Delous


You want to put the barrel of the gun in their mouth,
to stop the noise drowning the music out;

in thrall to the curvatures described by birds in flight
& feelings inscribed in nameless streelights.

You want a language defiant of time:

                                    indelible lines,
chords of memory
                                    transcendental & sublime,

the contingencies of life unified
into one


You want what you cannot have:

an abstract/visceral expression of all that


sound enclosed within bones
where the brain sits
& compels you to this
                                    futile release,

the fading gaze of a caged beast,

never the same as it’s first raw moment
of existence.

CJ Delous

CJ Delous

Unpublished, working-class poet trying to escape, writing under a pseudonym to kill the author so that the words alone speak for themselves.
CJ Delous

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