Mimosa Pudica, a poem by Miriam Devaprasana at Spillwords.com

Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica

(Touch Me Not)

written by: Miriam Devaprasana


I open up to you,
like the dawn rises to greet the night’s shadows.
Each leaf in longing embrace,
of gentle breeze and graze.

But touch me not
for i will shy, or shrink, or sleep
at the weight of your tease.

Your gaze is fixed;
My eyes grow weary
dazed from fear of caving in.

For your love is like Wildfire;
Your occasional caress of my Pulvinus
between the meadows of desire.

Some days your love is cruel; bewildering,
like strong winds, or curious hands
that pluck, and shake, and pick
relentlessly, so
any and all amount of Will escape and,
I am left in a haze
trembling, as I unfold once again
and wait.

I Wait.

for my drooping leaves, yearn to remain
closed, unopened; restored.

And my heart
eager to prevail
to Eternity.

Miriam Devaprasana

Miriam Devaprasana

Miriam hails from Malaysia where their ad campaigns are as colorful as the languages they speak, and food they eat. By day, she researches language use in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and by night, she writes about all the things she observes and feels - the things that break and build, those which inspire and restore; the delicate balance of all things which make us human.
Miriam Devaprasana

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