Mimosa Pudica, a poem by Miriam Devaprasana at Spillwords.com

Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica

(Touch Me Not)

written by: Miriam Devaprasana


I open up to you,
like the dawn rises to greet the night’s shadows.
Each leaf in longing embrace,
of gentle breeze and graze.

But touch me not
for i will shy, or shrink, or sleep
at the weight of your tease.

Your gaze is fixed;
My eyes grow weary
dazed from fear of caving in.

For your love is like Wildfire;
Your occasional caress of my Pulvinus
between the meadows of desire.

Some days your love is cruel; bewildering,
like strong winds, or curious hands
that pluck, and shake, and pick
relentlessly, so
any and all amount of Will escape and,
I am left in a haze
trembling, as I unfold once again
and wait.

I Wait.

for my drooping leaves, yearn to remain
closed, unopened; restored.

And my heart
eager to prevail
to Eternity.

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