Monster of Our Creation by Jose A. Tovar at

Monster Of Our Creation

Monster of Our Creation

written by: Jose A. Tovar


The oblivion in my mouth:
I swallow the eternal night.
The sour bile in my heart:
My body burns with self-annihilation.

The hate painfully consuming my soul,
Melting my skin to the bone.
The burning stench overtaking the air,
Lingering as a reminder of death.

The product and simultaneous enemy
Of humans—an attack against life and love.
What irony is found in this bloodthirsty
Indiscriminating executioner, always.

What we use for glorious conquest
Turns against our humanity and ultimately
Becomes our most deadly oppressor—
A monster of our creation that knows
No friend to protect or master to obey.

It is a tribal fire that burns itself out.
Only with countless deaths of battlefield
Proportions does it appease its craving of
Devouring our savage hearts and brutal souls
Until none are left to see the light of day.

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