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written by: Brian Wayne Smith



There are so many problems in the world today.

Really don’t know what to say.

Looking at 2017 like…

“Damn, this is what the future looks like?”

Is it really that bright?

Compared to the 90’s; all I’m seeing is the same shit being delivered faster through technology.

The media still lie.

People still die.

Someone waiting patiently or impatiently with a recorder.

With a microphone the size of a quarter.

Instant gratification is the new norm.

Like watching silly videos shot from a college dorm.

We’re puppets to Apple, Android, Microsoft and so forth.

My generation helped push this movement north.

Went from the “Odysseys” and “Ataris”.

To gaming consoles that’s top of line like Ferraris.

PS4s, XBox live, WII.

Are you kidding me?

As an adult, I’ve seen how far technology has come.

Just to witness it being used dumb.

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