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Morning Has Woken

written by: Glynn Sinclare



I rose with the sun
and lazed about
in a golden glow.
Coffee in my hand.
The sea shimmering,
on the silver sands.
A new day is dawning.
My mind travels inwards.
A path of meditation,
towards my temple of peace.
Lulled by the susurration,
of the waves,
rolling over the sand.
I hear the wheels of a bicycle.
And the tinkling of a bell.
I linger awhile,
to savor the beginning,
of a new day.

Glynn Sinclare

Glynn Sinclare

I am a Limerick Author poet. I have written three books in three years. For me I am rewarded with the achievement of holding these books in my hand. The Emigrants 2017, Poetics Book of 100 poems 2018 and Poetics Book of Poems Volume 2 released September 2019. I write under the pen name Glynn Sinclare AKA Clare Glynn Chitan. My poetry has been read on several audio poetry radio shows of American poet Tamara Miles “Where the light must fall” Broadcast by Spiritplants Radio and Alan Johnson “The World Comes to you”.
Glynn Sinclare

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