Mr Slinkmaster, poem by Elizabeth Barton at

Mr Slinkmaster

Mr Slinkmaster

written by: Elizabeth Barton



The colour of cinnamon
and as sleek as an Indian sari
he moves through the room,
a wave of silk on warmth,
a trick of light catches the eye
before he is gone in a fluttering blur.

Light as air, a breath of wind
in feline shape; a thought, a brush of fur,
a glimpse of tail gleefully raised,
he parades as silent as a ghost.
A trickster of form, he bends at will
lustrous light with dainty feet.

He slips through my dreams
blithe as wind-sucked flame,
flitting in lapis night, a shadow-
burnished jewel, lambent
genie-smoke on sleeping retina;
tiptoe, elusive, he stalks the dawn.

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