Murder Mayhem Madness by Anne G at

Murder Mayhem Madness

Murder Mayhem Madness

written by: Anne G



Murder Mayhem Madness rule, promising chaos, death and doom.

France and Spain, England too, innocence slaughtered, darkness looms.

Ideologies kill, ideologies maim, weapons of choice, brainwashed fools.

The planet spins, the choice is made, where and when, time and place.

Nefarious fingers, callous hearts, global strife –

Who will be next?

Tomorrow’s victims matter not to those with evil in their hearts.

They, bide their time as we move on, for much too soon we’ll have forgotten,

the countless women, men and children, futures naught, torn and broken.

Our better angels would have us think that such events are bound to end,

but ideologies never die, they live and breed in hearts and minds.

Their ideas and their beliefs, doctrines, goals and expectations,

bear one and only one intention, a worldly plane of one dimension.

Murder Mayhem Madness rule, bending mankind to their will.

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