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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

written by: Dr. Shalini Yadav


An open sky
And round earth I’m.

A tree’s shade
And heat of sun I’m.

A radiant dawn
And deific dusk I’m.

A day’s clamour
And night’s peace I’m.

A thread of affection
And love’s warmth I’m.

A ray of daylight
And moonlit I’m.

A tiny heart throb
And veins’ blood I’m.

A twinge in heart
And possible cure I’m.

A fascinating rose
And its fragrance I’m.

A soil’s particle
And entire aura I’m.

An embraced hope
And spread arms I’m.

A vast ocean
And a longing river I’m.

A man’s mate
Above that a woman I’m.

A life giver
And life’s mother I’m.

Shalini Yadav

Shalini Yadav

Dr Shalini Yadav holds a PhD in Post-colonial Literature and M. Phil in English Language Teaching (ELT) from University of Rajasthan, India. Additionally she has done a course in Advanced Creative Writing from University of Oxford, UK. She has progressive teaching experience of 16 years at University level in India, Libya and Saudi Arabia. She has participated and presented papers in many conferences and seminars, chaired sessions and delivered lectures across the tenure. She has edited and authored various books including Reconnoitring Postcolonial Literature (2022), Emerging Psyche of Women: A Feminist Perspective (2022), On the Wings of Life: Women Writing Womanhood (2021), Postcolonial Transition and Cultural Dialectics (2012), Communication Techniques (2010) and A Text Book of English for Engineers (2008). Besides, she is a freelance writer whose creative writing publications include three poetry books in English Floating Haiku (2015), Kinship With You: A Collection of Poems (2014), Till the End of Her Subsistence: An Anthology of Poems (2013), and one in Hindi language entitled Kshitiz Ke Us Paar (2016).
Shalini Yadav

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