My Curse For You written by Linda M. Crate at

My Curse For You

my curse for you

written by: Linda M. Crate



you demand and want perfection from me
but you hypocrites make the same mistakes and do the same misdeeds
i refuse to be your guinea pig or your sacrificial lamb
find a new punching bag
because this raven has talons

you’re playing a game you’ll never win
because i will slaughter every nightmare that thinks
it will infringe upon my dreams
burn bridges and cut ties
even with people who insist that i cannot do it to them

so watch me cut you out, too,
like the cancerous lesion
you are;
because i’ve had enough of your arrogance and condescension
dripping in the guise of concern, compassion, and good business—

i have a pyramid of rage
no one has ever seen
go ahead and you’ll see just how nasty mummies
and scarab beetles can be
i am the moon daughter and i refuse to be disrespected

wolves howl at me and my mother
knowing enough not to bite
yet you would think to kick me?
enough is enough
i will destroy you with the tongue of my words

they will strike you like a scorpion
all your dreams will turn to dust
for your unkindness
because i asked, begged you for more compassion
and you laughed in my face.

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