My Form of Freedom, poetry by Akilandeswari Sivaramakrishnan at

My Form of Freedom

My Form of Freedom

written by: Akilandeswari Sivaramakrishnan


As my feet raise up,
Trinkets of my anklet,
That Sport an Antique touch,
Roar with Rage,

As I glide around,
The hem of my dupatta,
Swirls like a frozen splash,
Of water floating,
Its misty white,
Folds that,
Handshakes with air,

Cherishing the breeze,
Of rotation,
My lengthy hair,
With stoned Accessories,
Embossed upon,
Dangles with suspended,
Beads that teeter,
Along mystical tunes,

Long earrings,
That slay the air,
With their powerful,
That arise,
As my head moves,
With expressions,
On my eyes,

All the while,
The once slumbering,
Jasmine string,
Blooms along,
The flowing ambiance,
Beginning to emanate,
Its scent,
Intoxicating the aura,

As I perform,
With myriad movements,
I depict happiness,
That radiates,
Creating surrealism,
And tranquility,

With all in white,
The ambiance,
Establishes over,
Peace with dance,
A kind of,
My form of freedom!

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