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My Love, I Will Die For You

written by: Kindra M. Austin



mon amour, je vais mourir pour toi

Hand me the scalpel;
I will
excise my own love
98.6° and sputtering crimson
motor oil.

I want to see my cooling lifeblood
soak into the pores of your gluttonous hands; and
when you comb those sticky fingers through your dark curled hair, I
want you to remember my kohl edged eyes staring down at you in the
darkness of our vulgar fornication.
Bite into the piece of me you cradle in red slickened palms, and
sup what’s left of my liquid soul.

Kindra M. Austin

Kindra M. Austin

I'm an author/writer of poems and fiction from mid-Michigan. My debut novel, Magpie in August, was released in April, 2017. Constant Muses, my first collection of poems and prose followed in December. I am presently working on my second novel.
Kindra M. Austin

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