My Parallel Joan, a poem by Joan McNerney at
Tyler Nix

My Parallel Joan

 My Parallel Joan

written by: Joan McNerney


A champion devotee in multitasking
Joan excels as Barista Extraordinaire.

This title was bestowed upon her
at The Galaxybucks Corporate Gala.

Besides being able to balance snacks
pastries sandwiches on her head,
this star’s memory NEVER fails.

Not once has she ever delivered
an incorrect liquid refreshment.

Patrons rush depositing superfluous
monies in her flying apron.

On her day off ever humane Joan
brings stale pastries, sandwiches,
snacks to many indigent children.

As “Dominant Barista’’ at Megalopolis
Deluxe, Joan’s talents are rewarded.

A scholarship was bestowed upon
her for graduate studies in table
hopping while attached to a drone.

Joan is finally fully recognized in
this wonderful alter universe world.

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